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TalkTalk To Test Controversial Anti-Malware Programme

TalkTalk is to trial a new version of its anti-malware software, which some critics have claimed spies on the ISP’s users.

The system works by scanning websites for malware and viruses before they reach users computers. Any websites found to be containing rogue elements or threats are then placed on a blacklist. According to Thinq, the data of whitelisted sites is stored for up to 24 hours and for seven days in the case of those blacklisted.

It is feared that personal information stored in some URLs, such as passwords and other private details, could also be lifted by this data tracking software.

TalkTalk Technology’s managing director Clive Dorsman defended the move, stating: “These days homes have so many devices hooked up to the web, working across multiple platforms, that keeping them all secure is harder than ever. Our plan is to provide an additional level of security at a network level – in other words stopping the bad stuff before it gets into your home in the first place.”

According to ISP Review, The Information Commissioner’s Office has criticised the company’s plans, likening the malware system to Phorm, a similar programme that kept a log of URLs visited by users and sold on the details to target advertising companies.