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Unpopular DPI Tracking Technology Makes A Comeback

Companies offering adverts based on deep packet inspection tracking technology are making a comeback after UK and US privacy champions had earlier threatened their existence.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Phorm, which uses DPI technologies, is returning, offering internet service providers a chance to capitalise on online advertisements from user behaviour-based ads.

The technology used by Phorm allows companies to keep track of a user's online activity as well as offering advertisers the chance to serve ads based on the websites visited. Phorm says that the technology is powerful enough to let advertisers know whether a person has gone online for work or for fun.

Whilst the service has been decryed for invading users privacy, David C. Vladeck, director of the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection defended the system, telling The WSJ that, “If you're trying to engage in one-stop-shopping surveillance on the Internet, deep packet inspection would be an awesome tool.”