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US ITC To Investigate Apple Patent Case Against Motorola

The US International Trade Commission is set to launch an investigation into the patent infringement complaint made by Apple against Motorola.

The ITC investigation will look into the patent claims against Motorola and could ban Motorola from importing Android-based smartphones into the US.

Motorola had filed a complaint with the USITC against Apple, accusing it of infringing on 18 patents related to W-CDMA (Wideband Code Division Multiple Access), general packet radio service (GPRS) and other smartphone functions.

Apple had responded by filing patent infringement lawsuits against Motorola and its mobile phone arm later in the same month, accusing the firm of infringing upon six separate patents in the Droid, Droid X and Droid 2 handsets.

Both companies have filed separate complaints with ITC, demanding each others infringing products be banned from being imported to the US.

If the ITC finds that Motorola has infringed on Apple's patents, then Motorola could see its presence in the US market hit if it is banned from shipping products into the country.