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Apple Starts Black Friday Event With £394 iPad

As announced, Apple has started its one day shopping event with an average of eight per cent savings on its products, not as impressive as we'd expect but in line with previous Apple Black Friday events.

The cheapest Apple iPad, the 16GB non 3G version, drops from £429 to £394 while the price of the iPod Nano was cut by £10.99, falling from £129 to £118.01.

Other notable cuts include the 8GB iPod Touch (going from £189 to £174.01) and the 11-inch Macbook Air (going from £1099 to £1018).

Cuts on Apple branded accessories however are more significiant with double digit cuts being the norm. Still we were quite disappointed that neither the Apple TV or the Apple iPhone 4 devices have been included in the Black Friday sales.

You can browse through the products on offer here and don't forget that the sales end today at midnight. will be publishing an alternative Apple Black Friday article where we will be hunting for even cheaper Apple bargains.