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Apple UK Black Friday Sale Event : Three Things To Know

As promised, we have had a look at Apple's Black Friday sales items and we noticed some interesting trends and some great and not so great bargains.

Firstly, you need to know that not all Apple devices are included in the sale; the smaller 11-inch Macbook Air, the iPhone 4, the Mac Pro, the Mac Mini, the normal MacBook, the Apple TV, the iPod Shuffle and the iPod Classic are all excluded.

Then there's the fact that discounts for most of Apple's products (iPads, laptops and desktops) are absolute rather than in per cent. This means that the saving on an iPad is comparatively bigger when you shop for the cheapest version as the saving - £35 - remains the same regardless of the model purchased.

Hence, this represents 8.2 per cent on the cheapest model but only five per cent oh the most expensive 64GB 3G model. iMacs, Macbook Air and MacBook Pro have £81 discounts while savings on the iPod range vary from £11 to £35.

Apple has limited the number of Apple tablets that users can buy for today only; this limit stands at 10 per customer which shows that demand for the iPad is still very significant. You can find out more about Apple's Black Friday sale event here.