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Google Chrome OS For Consumers To Come In 2011

One very important nugget of information that surfaced at Acer's press conference a couple of days ago was the fact that Google won't be launching Chrome OS this year.

Jim Wong, Acer Vice President, did say that the consumer version of the OS has been reported to next year with Acer likely to release products using the OS.

But Google might do something of its own later this year and this has been confirmed by Engadget whose sources have pointed to the possibility that Google may be planning Chrome OS netbooks for its staff and developers to be used "dog-food".

It was obviously not Google's intention to announce the product for the autumn 2010 but ship it in 2011 instead. One can suspect that some issues have cropped up in the meantime, whether strategic or technical.

It is ironic that Gingerbread or Android OS 2.3, will be released in December and may well be widely adopted by tablet and netbook manufacturers leaving Google with a real conundrum.

Don't be surprised if Eric Schmidt announces that Google Chrome OS is to merge with Android OS before telling you that he never said that this would not happen.