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Johnny Ball cleans up the Interwibble

One-time kid's favourite and lightweight boffin, Johnny Ball, has been seconded by insecurity outfit BitDefender to front a series of YouTube videos called ‘Web without Worries'.

Johnny aims to make the Internet a safer place for all by breaking down computer jargon and demystifying often misunderstood terms such as Trojans, Phishing and Zombies, according to an electrifying press release sent straight to our inbox using the wonders of 21st century technology.

Four short videos are available on YouTube and the BitDefender site in which Johnny provides 'useful advice to Internet users on how to avoid falling victim to cyber gangs'.

The idea is "to make internet security more accessible and understandable for all,” burbles Ball.

“Being online in the comfort of your home may lead to individuals feeling secure, however criminal gangs lurk around every corner aiming to steal and commit fraud. Hopefully, the explanations will help people to understand what to look for and the tips will help them avoid becoming easy prey,”

According to Simon Geach, BitDefender's UK sales director, “The person on the street will probably not understand what a Zombie or a Phishing Attack is, but they are very real threats in today’s web-connected society. We hope that our videos with Johnny Ball will help people understand security threats and benefit from a safer online environment.”

Geeks of a certain age may remember Ball from his early appearances on seminal BBC kids' programme Play School. He went of to make a bunch of series such as Think of a Number, Think Again, and all sort of other Thinks. These days he's better known for his role as grandfather to Zoe Ball's offspring.