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Kinect Is Like New Console Says Microsoft Engineer

Interesting thoughts of a chap called Ben Board who works for Microsoft as the European Developer Account Manager for its Xbox Division.

As reported by the Independent, Board said that the Kinect was, in the view of Microsoft, like a new console, not simply yet another add on.

Speaking at the Develop event in Liverpool yesterday, he confirmed that Microsoft would be allocating significant financial resources for the marketing of the product.

He also underlined the fact that the successor of the Xbox 360, which is already five years old, may still be a few years away, which means that the Xbox 720 may be with us in 2013 or afterwards.

The Kinect has been a roaring success according to Microsoft witl more than one million units sold in the first 10 days of sale.

Given that the RRP of the peripheral is a jaw dropping £129 (more than the Xbox 360 arcade), that's no small feat. Microsoft has yet to say how much revenues were generated by the sales of Kinect-related games.