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Ovi Suite 3.0 beta goes public

The time for closed testing has ended, says Nokia, as it makes available to the general public the 3.0 beta version of the company's Ovi Suite.

If you're one of the millions of Nokia users out there, this is something you'll want to dive into, as the Ovi Suite 3.0 beta is inexorably your next software upgrade on Nokia's mobile phones. The 3.0 beta brings a bevy of new features on the music front as well as to the users' Home View.

The Home View is brand spanking new and not only will it tally your PC's content, it will provide a wad of recommendations as to what you're supposed to like and listen to, with direct links to stuff on the Ovi Store.

The second biggest feature is the new music player that taps the Ovi Store and lets you preview songs directly. It's now a full music management system, where you can even drag'n'drop songs from your desktop directly to your phone.

Ovi Suite is losing its syncing-software roots to become the Store's gatekeeper. As a Beta it seems very solid and most likely the few changes between this and a final version will be to do with adding store features rather than ironing out the bugs in the system.

You can find the download here.

Nokia owners still make up a large slice of mobile phone consumers so, despite the whole iOS/Android/Windows Phone 7 brouhaha. There are gazillions out there and, whether or not you realise it, Nokia devices - cheap and nasty or expensive and full-featured - still outnumber iPhones and other smart phones by a sizable margin.

With competition becoming so fierce, it's only a matter of time until Nokia turns Ovi into a full-fledged iTunes.