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Playboy puts entire archive on HDD

It seems it's time to shrink-wrap your paper collection of Playboy and put it on sale on eBay. Bondi Digital Publishing, which flogs Playboy mags online, has come up with a one-shot gimmick to punt its client's mags: a 250GB hard-drive filled with every issue of Playboy dating back to December 1953.

The collected works of Mr. Heffner's skilled publishing team have been archived on the bunny-logo bearing hard-drive and can be acquired for the hefty price of $299.95 (around £190), that's about a $250 mark-up on the drive alone.

The entire 56 years-worth of skin and editorial takes up just 50GB of the hard-drive which leaves room for 200GB of other similar content. As the 2.5-inch USB-powered drive that it is, you'll be able to slip it in your pocket, a briefcase or some conveniently-discrete location whenever you need.

Bondi Digital Publishing's co-founder Murat Aktar said: "We're proud to partner with Playboy to bring more than five decades of thought-provoking articles, celebrity interviews and stunning photography to the consumer in a whole new way." Yes, thought-provoking indeed.

Remember, this isn't buying soft-core porn, it's buying a piece of media history. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.