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PocketBook Accidentally Outs Mirasol E-Reader

PocketBook has mistakenly released information on its upcoming range of eReaders, which the company plans to showcase at the upcoming Consumer Electronics Show 2011.

According to The Digital Reader, in a press release posted by PocketBook but later retracted, it was revealed that the company's new range of eReaders will come with Qualcomm's Mirasol display technology.

Previously, Barnes and Noble was expected to use the technology in its Nook Color eBook reader device, but did not. However, PocketBook's use of the highly awaited technology looks set to revolutionise the way ebooks are read.

Mirasol displays, which are based on reflective technology, are designed to use less power than LCD displays and offer a greatly improved screen quality, even in the glare of sunlight.

A current Mirasol display prototype developed by PocketBook is capable of handling 12 frames per second.

The Digital Reader reports that the display costs one and a half times more than the commonly used E-Ink displays.