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PS3 Will Struggle To Outsell PS2, Former Sony Exec Says

Sony's PlayStation 3 console will struggle to match the sales figures of its predecessor the PlayStation 2, a former company executive has said.

The PlayStation 2 is by far the largest selling gaming console in history, having shipping 147 million units since its launch in 2000.

According to Eurogramer, former Sony Computer Entertainment worldwide head Phil Harrison says that he is not very optimistic about the PS3 matching the PS2's performance as the market is now too competitive.

“I hope PS3 can match PS2, but I think the market dynamics are slightly different. It's much more competitive. For a large chunk of its life cycle PS2 didn't really have any competition anywhere in the world, so Sony was able to sell a huge number of units,” he explains.

However, Harrison's views were contradicted by another Sony veteran, David Reeves, who said that he expects PS3 to have the largest install base than any other games console in the near future.