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SCE Warns Of PlayStation Move Shortage Over Holiday Season

Sony Computer Entertainment has warned that there might be a shortage of PlayStation Move motion sensing gaming controllers for the upcoming holiday season.

According to Venture Beat, Sony’s senior vice president of marketing in the US, Peter Dille, reported that stores are starting to run low on supplies of the Move controllers.

Although there are plenty of Move devices on sale in bundled packages with PlayStation 3 consoles, it seems Sony has underestimated the demand for stand alone Move peripherals.

Dille said that the Move supply in the US, Japan and UK will be affected and the shortage could last into early next year.

“We have a catch-up problem in all three territories that will last until January or February,” he said.

The motion sensing device was released to compete with Microsoft's Kinect, which has also been reported to be struggling to meet consumer demand for Christmas, as well as the established Nintendo Wii.

Until now Sony has not officially confirmed how many Move devices have been sold, whilst Microsoft announced that it sold 1 million units in the first 10 days of it's launch.