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Sony Reader Apps For iOS And Android To Launch In December

Sony is planning to expand the presence of its ebook store on mobiles with the launch of specialised applications for iOS and Android-based devices.

The applications, which will be released in December, will allow users to access the Sony Reader Store from a variety of smartphone devices.

The Sony Reader Store app will be released into direct competition from rivals' ebook applications, including Amazon's Kindle app, the Kobo app and Barnes & Noble's Nook app.

Having an app for its eReader device will allow Sony, not only to drive users to its ebook store, but also expand the user base for its eReader devices, which was once a market leader before the Kindle, Nook and iPad devices were launched.

According to Mobiputing, the eReader app will let users purchase books directly from the mobile device or read books downloaded using the desktop version of the application. Users will be able to take notes, create bookmarks, highlight text and change the font within the app.