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Three joins EverythingEverywhere in selling the iPad on a tariff

Mobile phone network Three has announced they will also be selling the Apple iPad tablet, on a reportedly subsidised price just as Orange and T-Mobile will be too.

Three made public via a blog post they will be offering the Apple iPad tablet computer in the next coming months at a more affordable price, when bought on a contract.

The Apple iPad has a 9.7-inch 1024×786 resolution touch screen, which runs a similar operating system found on the iPhone handsets. The tablet computer arrives running a 1Ghz processor, with both WIFI and 3G connectivity.

Three has yet to announce what the final cost of the Apple iPad will be, just as the two parts of EverythingEverywhere didn't earlier on in the week - although it's believed to be around the £200 price mark on Orange.

Orange has one of the lowest costs attached to the iPhone 4 at £229, where the same handset costs just £99 with Three.

Three offers that 16GB iPhone 4 on a £30 contract, with 300 minutes, 5,000 text message and 1500MB data allowance.

One Mobile Ring believes Three's subsidised iPad will be a lower cost than the reported £200 with Orange, whilst also being tied to a similar contract which their iPhone 4 currently runs from .

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