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Windows Phone 7 Cracked With Chevron Unlocker

Homebrewing enthusiasts have released the Chevron Windows Phone 7 unlocker that allows users to load experimental applications onto their WP7 handset.

According to Mobile Magazine, the Chevron tool is similar to 'rooting' tools offered for Android and 'jailbreaking' for iPhone.

The Chevron unlocker is not the same as SIM locking, and is not built for freeing the smartphone from a particular mobile carrier, but is instead for installing experimental unauthorised applications, which are unavailable on Windows Phone Marketplace.

The makers of the unlocking tool guarantee that the phone will not be affected. The tool will not brick the phone and users will be able to reverse the unlocking in order to keep the warranty intact or for resale purposes.

Windows Phone 7 OS is still an emerging platform and as yet this is the first known tool that unlocks it. In the future, more tools will be available as developers will turn their attention from iOS and start stripping down Microsoft's offering.