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Xbox Live Offers Gold Service For Free This Weekend

Microsoft is set to offer free access to Xbox Live Gold to all Xbox owners in the US and the UK over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The move will allow non-gold subscribers to get their hands on exclusive Xbox content for the whole weekend.

The Independent also reports that Call of Duty: Black Ops is also offering special content this weekend by allowing players to earn double points online.

Users that do not have Gold membership will be able to access films and music videos through the newly introduced Zune service, conduct voice chats, access Facebook and most importantly, play multi-player games online.

Microsoft said that UK users will also be able to access the Sky Player app, allowing them to stream and access TV content from Sky, provided that they have a subscription. US users on the other hand, will be able to sample Netflix and ESPN apps.

Xbox users can get Gold membership for Live platform by paying £5.99 per month or £40 each year.