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3 UK To Offer Apple iPad Deal From £17.50 Per Month?

3 UK will follow the footsteps of T-Mobile and Orange very soon by unveiling two year contracts for the Apple iPad tablet at a price that promises to be very competitive with the rest of the market.

The mobile phone operator charges £25 per month for its One plan on a twelve month contract; the same offer on a two year contract with the 16GB iPhone 4 costs £1019.

In other words, 3 UK is "subsidising" the phone to the tune of £80 for the duration of the contract (that's £499 - (£1019 - 600)) which is roughly a sixth of the price of the cheaper iPhone 4 handset.

In the case of the iPad, holding the same assumptions and working in reverse, 3 UK may subsidise the iPad up to the tune of £85 and it is likely that the iPad will carry an initial outlay of around £200 just like T-Mobile and Orange.

Therefore the cost of 1GB broadband package with a £200 iPad on two year contract will be £17.50 per month, which coincidentally, is equal to what 3 UK charges for its cheapest mobile broadband netbook offer.

While this estimation would make 3 UK less competitive than Everything Everywhere, we suspect that it will be pushing for the bigger 10GB packages which would cost only £25 per month.