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Android mag banned from Apple App Store

The Apple app police have booted a magazine app off the Apple App Store as it is all about Android.

Android Magasinet is published in the Netherlands and was punted off the App Store for promoting the Google mobile OS, according to publisher Brian Dixen.

The App Store has plenty ofpublications on various subjects but Apple likes to keep a tight reign on what is offered on the vituakl shop's shelves.

Some even talk about techniologies but it seems the Android Magasinet's exclusive focus on all things Android, was too much for Apple's guardians of public morality who dumped it, along with all the smut in Apple's reject bin.

Dixen says his publication iPhone Magasinet which is all about Appl's all-conquering offing was quickly approved but another, Gear that mixed gadgets and girls was also rejected.

"We have to get not only our apps but every single copy of our magazines approved," he whined. "I wonder what will happen if we choose to make the next issue of our magazine about mobile phones in general a theme issue about Android."

He said it can take up to two weeks for content to be approved.