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Apple iPad 2 To Come With Retina Display & More?

The next version of the iPad, aptly called the iPad 2, may come with a slew of new features according to a Chinese-language financial newspaper, Economic Daily News, and reported by another English speaking website, based in Taiwan, Digitimes.

There's no link to the actual article but Digitimes says that the tablet - which may come out in the first quarter of 2011 - will come with video phone, better mobility, a USB port, a new display technology and a three-axis gyroscope.

The video phone is probably referring to Facetime which means that the iPad 2 may be kitted with a webcam (and we suspect a rear camera like the iPod Touch 4G), a display panel with thinner glass (cutting down on weight), retina display (already used on the iPhone 4 and the iPod Touch) and a 3-axis gyroscope that will be ideal for enhanced gaming.

As for the USB feature, we are not sure whether it is in Apple's best interest to open the flood gates to cheaper peripherals and to easier hacks. EDN reported in August that the iPad 2 would come with a 7-inch touchscreen display, a format that was subsequently openly lambasted by Steve Jobs on stage.