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Developers Stick Two Fingers Up To Facebook And Google With Chrome Tool

The Google vs Facebook data row has taken another twist after a third party developer introduced a tool for importing contact details into its Chrome browser.

Users of both Facebook and Google Gmail have been unable to sync any contact details since the two Internet giants blocked each other from accessing each others data.

The row began when Google blocked Facebook from accessing Gmail, which led to the social network introducing a method around the block. Then, in a sudden u-turn, Facebook blocked Gmail too.

The developer behind the tool said: “Despite what Facebook says, if someone is your “friend” and you can see his/her email address on his/her Facebook info, they are probably OK with you emailing them. Facebook doesn’t let you export this data, so they expect you to click on each of your friends’ pages, copy their email address (or other contact information), and paste it into your email client. Kind of ridiculous? Yes.”