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New Display Technology Could Lead To Disposable Ebook Readers

Researchers at the University of Cincinnati have developed a new kind of display technology that could result in a low cost and disposable ebook readers.

According to DNA, UC researcher Andrew Steckl has developed a display format that could lead to electrowetting (EW) technology being used on paper instead of glass.

EW technology is based on the application of an electric field to coloured droplets within a display used to project text, video and images.

The study crucially found that the electrowetting process was just as efficient on a paper screen as it was on conventionally used glass screen.

Steckl said in a statement: “With the right paper, the right process and the right device fabrication technique, you can get results that are as good as you would get on glass, and our results are good enough for a video-style e-reader.”

Steckl also stressed that a paper based ebook would limit technology's impact on the environment, as they would be easy and clean to dispose of.