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Operation Payback strikes again

It appears that Anonymous has struck again.

We noticed from a Slashdot posting that the web site of the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) is down.

The industry body representing the likes of Vivendi and Sony Music appears to have become the latest victim of a DDoS attack orchestrated by mischievous hacker group Anonymous.

A post on the Operation Payback web site claims responsibility for the attack.

"We emphasize our statement with a Distributed Denial-of-Service attack aimed at the IFPI's website," reads the statement from Anonymous.

Calling the IFPI 'parasites', the statement calls the sentencing of the Pirate Bay four to jail "perhaps one of the most heinous of crimes against freedom."

"The leaders of ThePirateBay are not criminals. They have harmed no one. They only brought good to this world. We are taught as children that we must learn to share."

The outfit defends the use of torrents: "Large numbers of people benefit from the use of torrents and peer-to-peer to distribute their work. Torrents are widely used by artists. Many profitable companies distribute their content using P2P thereby saving themselves money by using other's connections. Why should they get to have it both ways? Who are they to decide?"

FInally the hackers warn: "We will continue to attack websites of those who are a danger to freedom on the Internet. We will continue to attack those who embrace censorship. You will not be able to hide your ludicrous ways to control us. We will expose you and your intentions will be dealt with."