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Regional Accent Shifting Sat Nav Voice Commands Coming Soon

Sat Nav users could soon find that the accents of the voice prompts from their devices change as they cross regional borders.

According to Reg Hardware, (opens in new tab) Mio Navman is considering adding this feature to its sat nav range, allowing users to enjoy the regional variations of the areas they drive through.

The company named Newcastle Geordie, Birmingham Brummie, Manchester Mancunian and London Cockney as the key accents that would be applied to the feature.

In a study recently performed by sat nav maker TomTom, the Geordie accent came out on top as the most popular accent in Britain, followed by Scottish and Welsh accents. The company also announced that posher accents were on the rise, with a spokesman for TomTom claiming: "Posh accents are no longer just seen as upper class."

Users in the past have been able to add some fun to their sat navs by changing the voices on their devices to those of celebrities, such as: Brian Belssed, Mr T and Simon Cowell. Although this is the first time that a device will vary the voice commands based on the local variations of a users location.