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Rovio Releases Special Christmas Edition Of Angry Birds

After a Halloween edition, games developer Rovio has announced via Twitter that it will be releasing a Christmas edition of Angry Birds for its legion of fans worldwide.

The new version will be available for free for those who have purchased the Halloween edition and should be available any day now according to a status update on @RovioMobile.

Finnish website YLE.Fi published pictures of the game two days ago and Rovio did not say what new feature swill be added to the game over than a straight-forward update.

Rovio announced that the free, ad supported version of Angry Birds has been downloaded more than seven million times since it was released back in October which is not far behind the 10 million downloads on the iPhone 4.

Furthermore, the game developer has confirmed that Angry Birds will not be launched on Windows Phone 7 in 2010.

The game has been released for the MeeGo, WebOS and Symbian^3 platforms as well although a Blackberry version is expected to be launched soon.