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60,000 hit by 'who's checking you?' Facebook hoax

More than 60,000 Facebook users have fallen victim to a scam app that claims to allow you to see who's checked your profile.

The scam takes advantage of social engineering, playing on most users' inherent curiosity to find out who's been looking them up. No app currently enables users to do this - and this one is no different.

Profile Watcher V2.1 has spread virally in a series of spam posts reading "OMG OMG OMG... I cant believe this actually works!", which include a link to the offending software.

Security company Sophos reports on its Naked Security blog that the app allows its makers to steal users' private data.

Scams like this that prey upon users' nosiness are common. We unearthed a story about a very similar scheme doing the rounds back in July. IT news site Tech Crunch reports that Facebook has been informed of the latest scam.

Users who have already fallen foul of the malware should log into their Facebook account, click on Account, Privacy Settings, Applications and Web Sites and disable the app.