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Android Phones Outsell Windows Phone 7 Models By 15-to-1

Figures revealed by mobile phone retailer called MobilesPlease show that Android mobie phones outsell Windows Phone 7 by a factor of 15:1.

The online mobile seller revealed that just 3 per cent of its smartphone sales went to Windows Phone 7 and just under 2 per cent of its overall sales which includes feature phones.

This is apparently a trend within the mobile phone retail sector, at least in the UK and may indicate that Microsoft's mobile platform is in more trouble than originally believed.

MobilesPlease reckon that the main reason why this is so is because the Windows Phone 7 phones are generic ones which are only slightly different from their well established Android counterparts.

Given that manufacturers normally have less leeway with Windows Phone 7, have to pay a license fee to Microsoft, endure a longer development process and hence higher costs of production and higher resale price, which kickstarts a vicious circle.

There are literally dozens of Android handsets on the market from well known and lesser known manufacturers like ZTE or Alcatel and competition breeds innovation and brings significant price cuts.

It's worth noting as well that Android outsold Symbian smartphones by a whopping 5:1, something that is not clearly highlighted in the blog post.