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Apple Beefs Up Legal Team For Nokia ITC Battle

Apple has been strengthening its legal team for the upcoming court room battle against Nokia before the US International Trade Commission.

According to Bloomberg, Apple's leading legal counsel has recruited experts who have experienced fighting for or against companies like Microsoft, Intel and Broadcom.

The Bloomberg report also revealed that among the legal team is Noreen Krall, who previously worked with Sun Microsystems.

Thinq informs that Apple has also recruited William Lee, a lawyer with WilmerHale, Matt Powers from Gothal & Manges LLP and Rober Krupka of law firm Kirkland & Ellis.

The upcoming ITC hearing will see both sides alleging significant patent infringement. Apple hopes to block competition through the ITC, which has the power of banning companies from importing copyright infringing products into the US.

The aftermath of the hearing will form the base for the other ITC hearings Apple has to contest against Motorola and HTC.