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Apple Blocks Android Magazine From iPhone App Store

Apple has banned Danish publisher Mediaprovider from offering a magazine app dedicated to Google's Android operating system on the iPhone App Store.

According to Media Watch, Brian Dixen the managing director of the publishing firm, got a call from Apple informing him that his app was rejected from the store because it contained information on Android, a major rival to the iOS operating system that runs on Apple's handheld devices.

When asked why the app had been rejected, the Apple executive, who called himself "Richard from Worldwide Developer Relations", nervously informed Dixen that the app couldn't be approved, saying:

"You know... your magazine... it's just about Android.... we can't have that it our App Store."

Dixen seemed bemused by Apple's decision.

“It's funny really", he said, "because I don't think we would sell many magazines on Android through Apple App Store, but the question is where this is going.”

Apple's stringent rules for approving apps for the App Store have frustrated many developers. The company has been accused of censorship after banning apps ranging from a 'fart app' to those containing adult content. Some developers have also had apps rejected without being given a reason.