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China Sets July 2011 License Deadline For Google Maps

The government of China has set a July 2011 deadline for Google and other mapping services to obtain a license from China's State Bureau of Surveying and Mapping.

The license is a part of a new regulation requiring all online mapping service providers to register with the bureau for approval.

China has said that companies that don't comply with the new policies will be publically listed by the end of March next year. Any companies that fail to comply with the policies and obtain the license before July 1st 2011 will risk legal action.

The government said that the new polices laid down by the bureau will help in upholding the nation's interests by plugging security leaks and enhancing the level of accuracy in the mapping of the Chinese borders.

A Google representative said in a statement to Computer World that “We are examining the regulations to understand their impact on our maps products in China.”