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Facebook Expected To Launch Skype-based Video Chat?

Social networking website Facebook may be looking to launch a new video chat feature with the help of Skype according to a developer who discovered code within Facebook that supports this possibility.

Tal Alter found two handles, GET_SKYPE_IDS and GET_SKYPE_TOKEN, in an object called VideoChat which refer to a video streaming service.

Furthermore, Alter found hooks for support in Internet Explorer, ActiveX plugin support as well as links for the Skype software developer kit.

He also added that Facebook was already bucket testing this feature as it doesn't appear every time the page is loaded but only randomly once in a while.

Facebook and Skype have announced back in September that they were going to collaborate more closely, which gave rise to a number of speculations.

Skype also has a working relationship with Facebook rival, MySpace, but it seems that Facebook will be the first to roll out on a sizable scale, a Skype-based video service.

Given that both Facebook and Skype each have hundreds of millions of customers worldwide, the venture could prove to be a very beneficial one for both parties and who knows, even lead to an acquisition.