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Geforce GTX 570 details revealed

Details have emerged on Nvidia's upcoming Geforce GTX 570 graphics card, and as sure as we're writing this, it'll be a thorn in AMD's side.

SweClockers, the Swedish website which got hold of the info has posted a product information sheet for one of these new Geforce GTX 570 cards. The sheet, on "loan" from Palit, shows the new Geforce GTX 570 card in all its glory, shroud et al.

The card can basically be broken down like this: It's based on the newer GF110 architecture, just like the GTX 580. The graphics core runs at 732MHz, while the 480 shader cores (ie: CUDA cores) at 1464MHz and 1280MB of GDDR5 at 3800MHz (total), on a 320-bit bus.

The form factor is the expected dual-slot bracket with exhaust out the back and two dual-link DVI plus mini HDMI to power up to three monitors. Power consumption is rated at 225W, but that doesn't mean one single 8-pin PEG, but two 6-pin PEGs.

IQ mumblings aside, it shouldn't be too hard to fathom that unless Cayman packs one massive punch, its top SKU will perform just about the same level as a GTX 570 chip, only slightly cheaper.

To make matters a bit trickier for AMD, Nvidia has set the launch date for the 7th of December, according to the product sheet, a full six days before the (already delayed) Radeon HD 6970 and HD 6950.

The Geforce GTX 570 will be the "leftover" GTX 580 parts, the ones with the slight defects that don't have 512 fully operational shader cores, hopefully this will mean there are lot more of these parts than GTX 580s and the price will be in accordance with the maths. Hopefully.