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Heston Blumenthal Hidden Orange Christmas Pudding Listed On eBay For £499

The Hidden Orange Christmas pudding, created by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal for Waitrose, has been advertised on eBay for as much as £499, after retailing for just £13.99 in stores.

The festive dessert, which contains a hidden candy-laden orange at its core, has been flying off shelves. The supermarket claims to have sold thousands of the puddings.

Demand for the pudding has been so high that many people have found it difficult to get their hands on one, leading to a thriving market for the Christmas staple on eBay.

One of the puddings, which serve 10-12 people, is currently listed on the site at a whopping £499 - a cost of nearly £50 a portion.

The user auctioning the popular pudding on eBay, wrote on the auction page: "Sold out in shops Heston Blumenthal's famous hidden orange Christmas pudding... These taste absolutely fantastic. Impress your family and friends this Christmas."

The ambitious seller added that they would "hand deliver within the M25 for a small fee".