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Little Brand Loyalty In Smartphone Market, Survey Shows

A new survey has revealed that smartphone makers are going to have to fight hard to hold on to their customers as competition in the market increases.

According to PC Pro, a survey conducted by GfK found that 56 per cent of smartphone users were unsure which handset they would be buying next.

The survey found that as little as 25 per cent of those surveyed were planning to stay loyal to the operating systems running their current smartphone.

In terms of brand loyalty, Apple scored the highest with 59 per cent of iPhone owners plannign to stick with the company. In comparison, only 21 per cent of owners using Microsoft Windows Mobile OS-based devices are planning to stay loyal to the brand.

Ryan Garner, the lead analyst of the survey, told PC Pro: “People are really keeping their options open. There's been an explosion of new choices in the market over the last year, with Android and Windows Phone 7, and with new versions of Symbian, the RIM OS and Meego in the pipeline there is huge choice.”