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News@5: Orange Offers iPad For £25 Per Month, Gran Turismo 5 Rules Games Chart & Microsoft Tactile Touchscreen

Mobile phone carrier Orange will offer the Apple iPad 3G tablets on monthly contracts starting from £25 per month for existing customers with new ones paying £27. The 16GB will cost £199, the 32GB model, £249 and the 64GB model, a not insignificant £349.

Gran Turismo 5 has successfully knocked Call Of Duty: Black Ops off the top of the UK gaming charts. The newest title in the car simulation series has been blighted by delays and setbacks on the road to its release but has launched to glowing reviews and strong retail sales.

Microsoft has filed a new patent application related to a "tactile" touchscreen capable of shifting its shape in order to mimic a real keyboard. According to New Scientist, Microsoft understands that, in general, users prefer the feedback of a standard keyboard for working on over a touchscreen and so has developed a unique technologythat could allow a touch screen to become a physical keyboard by the touch of a button.

The Hidden Orange Christmas pudding, created by celebrity chef Heston Blumenthal for Waitrose, has been advertised on eBay for as much as £499, after retailing for just £13.99 in stores. The festive dessert, which contains a hidden candy-laden orange at its core, has been flying off shelves.

The big rumour of the day is that Google may be buying cluster purchasing outfit Groupon for an eye-popping $2.5 billion, not bad for a company that was launched in November 2008 and which already serves 250 markets worldwide.