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Orange and T-Mobile unveil iPad costs and tariffs

Both parts of EverythingEverywhere have now announced their cost of the iPad, along with the price plans supporting the Apple tablet device that start at the subsidised cost of £199.

Following on from last week's announcement that T-Mobile and Orange will be carrying the Apple tablet product, now comes the pricing structure for the iPad's with the 16GB version retailing for £199, the 32GB for £249 and the 64GB costing £349 with the networks.

The Orange tariff prices are £25 for existing customers or £27 for new, which is accompanied by a 1GB data allowance that can be used at any time and another 1GB for use between midnight and 4pm - with a 3GB of BT Openzone WIFI use.

The T-Mobile plans cost the same and also on a 24-month tariff, within the same structure although there's no BT Openzone WIFI access and the off -peak use is between midnight and 10am.

T-Mobile additionally offer a pay as you go deal, with the 16GB Apple iPad costing £529 where £2 a day offers 500MB a day, £7 a week provides 1GB and £15 a month comes with a 2GB daily data allowance.

No further details have been provided yet as to when the Apple iPad will be available Orange or T-Mobile, although it's been rumoured to be around December the 19th on the network Three.

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