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Orange Offers iPad Contract From £25 Per Month

Mobile phone carrier Orange will offer the Apple iPad 3G tablets on monthly contracts starting from £25 per month for existing customers with new ones paying £27.

The 16GB will cost £199, the 32GB model, £249 and the 64GB model, a not insignificant £349. Those interested in Orange's offer can register their interest on the company's website here although the exact launch date has yet to be confirmed.

The cheapest total cost of ownership is £799 over two years or roughly £33.30 per month, not exactly readily affordable.

This is significantly dearer than the £15 we were expecting Orange to charge for the cheapest contract which gives you 1GB of data per month, 1GB of use between 4pm and midnight and access to BT Openzone Wi-Fi hotspots.

An existing customer is defined by Orange as one who has a monthly contract with the company or one who has paid at least £10 top up in the past three months.

All other mobile operators with the exception of O2 will be selling subsidised iPad contracts and we'd expect that there will be cheaper ones coming our way.

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