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Survey Says Consumers Favour Apple Macbooks Over Other Laptops

A new survey conducted by market research firm ChangeWave has revealed that more and more consumers are choosing Apple's Mac laptops over any other brand.

According to Computer World, the survey, informed that around 36 per cent of the people planning to buy a laptop within the next 90 days will opt for one made by Apple.

ChangeWave Research vice president Paul Carton said in a statement: “Odds are [consumer interest is due to] Apple's refreshed MacBook Air line, featuring a slimmer design, multi-touch glass touchpads and solid-state flash memory.”

The company also said that the number of people opting for Apple Mac laptops has increased by 11 points since October, which is the highest ever registered score by Apple in the survey.

Meanwhile, the survey also found that 22 per cent of the respondents were planning to buy an HP laptop while a further 19 per cent opted for a Dell.