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Symbian announces web site closure

The Symbian Foundation has announced it will be shuttering its web site and stopping distribution of the source code for Symbian ^2 through ^4, as of the 17th of December 2010.

In a follow-up to the Foundation's previous announcement, the organisation has alerted Symbian developers it will be taking down its developer blog and all the source code for Symbian that is floating about on the Internet.

The parties behind the Foundation said they won't be hosting the data on a third-party web-service but will make the code available - on request - through physical media such as USB devices and hard drives, which can be ordered after the 31st of January, 2011.

So it is in no way extraordinary that the Foundation is advising developers to grab the code while it's up and about. The sauce will be available on the site until the 17th of December, after which it will all be pulled for good. Developer instructions are to follow.

Wherever Nokia is leading this, we hope it's come to terms with the fact that - more than their OS needing polishing - it's the handsets that need to overcome their legacy. We've heard (and seen) good things with Symbian ^3, but the touch screen fad took over too quick and too hard when Nokia was still exploring other form factors that it missed that window of opportunity.

Competing with Google's Android and trying to rally the open source mob is a no-go right now. Going proprietary seems the only way to do it.