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Toshiba To Introduce Battery Powered HD TVs

Toshiba is to introduce a new line of TVs that are immune to power cuts, offering up to two hours of emergency back-up power.

The new Power TV series televisions are available in sizes between 24 and 32 inches and have an LED backlight to save on the set’s power when the battery is being used as a power source.

The company said of the project the TVs are, “developed to bring quality viewing to wide segments of the market at affordable prices”. Toshiba added that: “The PC 1 range, one of three in the series, are the world's first TVs to integrate a stand-by rechargeable battery, a useful innovation in areas where power supply can be uncertain.”

The TVs also feature a signal booster for receiving transmissions in areas with a weak signal, even without an antenna.

The only downside is that, without some kind of a similar system for digital tuners, DVD players and games consoles, there might not be a lot to watch on the TV during a blackout. The TV is equipped with an OTA tuner, however, meaning that users can still watch some channels in the event of a power cut at least.

No prices or release dates have yet been revealed and it would be interesting to find out whether the television sets will weigh significantly more than normal television sets, a crucial factor if you intend to suspend it on a wall.

Furthermore, Toshiba will need to make sure that the set is keenly priced so that it doesn't cost significantly more than the a LED display television and a spare uninterruptible power supply.