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Vodafone UK Mobile Data Cuts : Expect Others To Follow

Vodafone is the first of the major mobile network operators to a new simplified pricing for its users that should entice them to consume more data while on the move across Europe.

There are a few points ot be noted; the pricing will vary according to the markets with Vodafone UK users having up to 750MB worth of allowance (up to 25MB daily) included for free for plans of £40 or above and £10 for those below £40.

This will encourage others like O2 and Everything Everywhere, the merger of T-Mobile and Orange, to come up with similar scheme in a bid to retain their higher spending customers who might be entice by Vodafone's offer.

We see Vodafone's move as a preemptive strike aimed at shaking the current status quo in the market, especially now that it is only the third biggest player on the market, behind O2 and EE. In comparison, O2 offers 200MB worth of data for a staggering £120 while T-Mobile charges £40 for the same amount of data as part of its Euro Broadband booster.

200MB data allowance in the UK from Orange will cost a jaw dropping £117.50 over a period of one month while 3 UK is potentially the big loser since it has to rely on third party network and charges £250, the most expensive amount of the lot.

If you travel a lot around Europe for business or leisure, Vodafone's offer is well worth considering and could pay for itself very rapidly.