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Vodafone updates roaming plan

Mobile phone network Vodafone has announced new data charges for travelling in and around Europe, for all customers on their network.

Vodafone is offering 25MB a day on their Data Traveller deal, where their customers can either pay £10 a month or £2 a day for internet access outside of the UK.

The new prices are for pay as you go, contract and also business users on their network.

Vodafone customers that are currently on £40 or above tariffs that already benefit from a 5MB daily data allowance whilst roaming out of the UK, will be automatically upgraded to the 25MB.

The 25MB allowance relates to Austria, Hungary, Romania, Belgium, Ireland, Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, Switzerland, France, Malta, Germany, Netherlands, Greece and Portugal.

Other European countries not mentioned above will only benefit from the standard 5MB data roaming, with the same cost attached.

25MB allows for the ability to read and reply to 250 emails, or access Facebook 500 times, watch 25 minutes of YouTube or download 65 maps.

This new plan from Vodafone is around 60-percent less than previous plans along with having a substantial increase in the allowance, where One Mobile Ring believes other networks will soon follow suit.

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