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£20 Per Month sWaP Watch Phone 100m Ultd text 250MB data

It's here. It's a watch, mp3 player and mobile phone. Brilliant! You make calls on the sWaP watch phone via a Bluetooth headset (included) and send texts using the 1.5" touchscreen and a sytlus that stores in the strap.

The media player plays MP3, MIDI, WAV, AAC and MP4 files and the 512MB of memory can be expanded to 2GB with a memory card to accommodate them.

The sWaP watch phone can also take pictures and record video with the 1.3MP camera installed in the side. You get 100 hours of stand-by time an up to 180 minutes of talk time.

You can even use it to tell the time; and the clock comes with an alarm function and a choice of faces. You may have dreamed of having one of these when you were a child; but you wouldn't have dreamed it would be Free!

The sWaP Watch Phone can be purchased from Orange with 100m, unlimited texts, 250MB at a cost of £20 per month with a £75 automatic cash back.