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3D Mark 11 postponed

PC gaming enthusiasts, in particular those trying to feverishly benchmark their shiny new kit from the likes of AMD and Nvidia, will be particularly disappointed today as 3D Mark 11 has been postponed for a few more days.

Futuremark has been very secretive about its new 3D benchmarking suite and very little is known about the rating system.

Naturally Tessellation / DirectX 11 support is one of the main items in the suite, but Physics and Image Quality benchmarking are rumoured to have changed substantially over Vantage. Futuremark has otherwise craftily built up interest in the benchmark through a series of competitions run from their website.

But the outfit has sent out a communiqué to us press folk explaining the voluntary postponement (not delay), which seems to result from some pesky bugs that need crushing.

These bugs, as the company puts it, would otherwise require some serious patching which would then render your benchmarks invalid and cause a massive headache on ORB, Futuremark's online results browsing tool... not to mention the win/loss of bragging rights.

"Over the weekend we made the difficult decision to postpone the launch of 3DMark 11 by a few days.

Our aim is that 3DMark 11 should provide accurate, reliable and consistent results from the start. With that goal in mind we are taking some extra time now to fix a couple of difficult bugs rather than patching the benchmark immediately after launch."

Hopefully, this will save enthusiasts and press in general the headache of re-benchmarking every single graphics card they have after the launch. It will also save Futuremark's face in case the usual fanboish allegations of preferential treatment spawn from either of the two main graphics camps.

We've waited quite a while for 3DMark 11, somehow it doesn't seem wrong to wait a few more days.