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3D TV Sets Are Selling Very Well Indeed Says Market Researcher

Sales of Plasma and LCD Television sets that come with 3D are significantly better than those of High Definition ones in the first 12 months after they were available.

Futuresource Consulting reports that up to 120,000 3D TVs are expected to be sold in the UK by the end of the year with an additional 550,000 in 2011.

In comparison, only 4000 HD televisions were flogged in 2003. The fact that prices have fallen so fast explains partly why 3D TV have been so popular.

The consultancy firm says that more than four million 3DTVs will be sold worldwide by the end of the year with 1.2 million in Western Europe alone.

Next year, Futuresource reckons that five million 3DTVs will be sold in the US and more than three million in Western Europe.

"3DTV will continue to provide 'premium brand' CE manufacturers with a way to differentiate themselves from the competition and add value for consumers," says Bill Foster, Senior Technology Consultant at Futuresource Consulting.

Prices of HD TV have been slashed by the main manufacturers, led by Samsung. The latter has cut the price of its most popular model, the LE40C750 several times and has resorted to bundling free active 3D glasses, free content and Blu-ray players to entice customers, all for a mere £689.