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Again! Viking Direct Slashes Price Of iPad With Cheapest Costing £357.36

UK-based retailer Viking Direct has slashed the price of the iPad across the six stock keeping units with savings on the RRP ranging from £72 for the cheapest model to £117 for the 64GB 3G iPad with free delivery.

Like for the the offer, you will have to leave a note at checkout for the sales department who will then apply the 15 per cent discount (voucher code CWC-PRDOL) when the product is actually shipped to the customer.

All iPads were currently in stocks at the time of writing although it is likely that stocks will be significantly fluctuating because of the holidays period and because Viking Direct's deal is the cheapest in the country.

We are not sure why Viking Direct would slash the price of a premium product like the iPad by so much in the UK since its US parent company Office Depot hasn't done so yet.

Even more puzzling is the fact that competitors like Amazon or PC World are shipping the iPad with very little or no discount with stocks around the country apparently struggling to meet demand.

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