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Anonymous Takes Down IFPI Website

Internet vigilante group Anonymous has taken down the website belonging tothe International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI) following a failed appeal by the Pirate Bay founders in the Swedish Court of Appeals.

On Friday, a Swedish court upheld a ruling against the Pirate Bay co-founders, reducing their jail sentence but increasing their collective fine to £4.2 million.

According to tech news site The Inquirer, Anonymous described the verdict of the appeals court as "perhaps one of the most heinous of crimes against freedom".

The group declared its anger at the ruling and vowed to keep fighting against the tyranny of big recording companies. Anonymous added that it will not "no longer take orders from oldfags [sic] dictating what we can and cannot do."

Soon after the statement, Anonymous took down the website of London-based IFPA, an organisation which represents the big four recording companies. The group also targeted the Warner Brothers' websites, resulting in a significant down time.

The attacks are a part of Operation Payback, initiated by the group after it was discovered that recording labels hired online hitmen to take down websites offering free music and movie downloads.