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Apple kills MacBook Air upgrade kit

If you're a MacBook Air owner looking to give your shiny gadget a storage boost, your options have just got fewer: accessory maker PhotoFast has been asked by Apple to stop making its upgrade kits.

We reported on the PhotoFast GMS-SFV1 upgrade kit last month - a drop-in replacement for the slim SSD that ships with the MacBook Air which offers 256GB of storage and significantly improved read/write speeds, along with a neat USB adapter that makes it easy to transfer your data during the upgrade process and reuse the original SSD as a speed USB storage device.

Sadly, the upgrade kit will now not be launching outside of the company's native Taiwan - and even then you're going to have to be quick to get your hands on one.

Much like HyperMac's MagSafe charger products, the PhotoFast SSD upgrade kit has been declared verboten by Apple - and 9-to-5 Mac reports that the company has ceased manufacture of the gadgets in order not to risk the ire of the Cupertino company's licensing department, which could choose to eject PhotoFast from the company's MFi programme and prevent it from selling its other ranges of Apple-approved accessories.

It's a sad day for Apple enthusiasts, and highlights one of the biggest differences between the 'PC' world and the Mac world: if you buy a PC, you can upgrade anything you can physically remove, at the possible expense of your warranty; if you buy a Mac, you will only upgrade the parts that Apple wants you to upgrade - and even then only using special parts from approved suppliers.

While there are advantages to Apple's approach, not least of which is the near-guarantee for software developers of a near-homogeneous hardware environment, it's a somewhat bitter pill to swallow for those making the move to Mac.