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Chinese Government Looking To Censor Wikileaks

In what many might see as a global conspiracy bent upon silencing Wikileaks, the Chinese government has blocked access to the controversial Wikileaks website.

Computerworld reports that a spokesperson for the Chinese foreign affairs department said that it doesn't want to see any "disturbance in China-US relations" before adding that "China takes note of the government reports. We hope the U.S. side will handle the relevant issues".

The Chinese government deemed that the content of the latest leak was too sensitive and blocked Wikileak's Cablegate page as well as news articles related to the subject on some websites in China.

The move comes after one of the cables report that China was directly involved in the Google cyber attack earlier in 2010, one which also affected other major companies in the US as well.

Although the leaks of more than a quarter million unencrypted U.S. Department of State cables have yet to cause as much embarrassment as the ones related to Iraq back in October, the US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, accused Wikileaks yesterday of attacking the international community.