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Consumer Electronics Giants Plan Super Compact Flash Card Format

Sandisk, Sony and Nikon have come together to propose a brand new memory card format that extends Compact Flash into new, uncharted territories with performance and capacity to match current hard disk drives.

The new format which has yet to be named is currently being studied by the Compact Flash association and is said to offer transfer rate of up to 500MBps with a maximum storage capacity of 2TB; all achievable by switching from PATA to PCI Express serial interface one that offers considerably more bandwidth.

The three CE firms say that the new specification will allow " users to quickly transfer storage-intensive high-resolution photos and videos from the card to a computer" and will feature a power scaling system that will keep power consumption to a minimum to extend battery life.

As expected, it will target professional photographers and high performance embedded services. Compact Flash has taken a back seat recently with the domination of SD cards but should very easily outpace the fastest SDHC memory card (Toshiba UHS-I) which currently tops around 95MBps read speed.

Likewise, it will be interesting to see how the new format fares against the high performance solid state disks like the Hitachi Ultrastar series which can already achieve 535MBps in sequential read performance albeit with a significant cost and power penalty.